1827 the Rasspe company was incorporated, initially producing forged parts for boots. The world famous logo, the "pipe" was copy right protected in 1868. Since then it has stood as a symbol for quality \'Made in Solingen\'.Other brand names were added over time, like the "RADURA®" trademark. Both trademarks well known all over the world.

Today Rasspe concentrates on the production and developement of components for the forage and grain harvesting machinery industry such as Agria, Buhler Versatile,  Case, CLAAS, John Deere, Deutz Fahr, Laverda, Mac Don, Massey Ferguson, New Holland and many others.

You can evaluate a wide range of products.

Original Rasspe disc mower knives . RADURA® GRASS


Advantages of RADURA® quality blades

  • Highest wear life due to special edge making process
  • Maximal safety due to rigorous quality checks and test among others DIN 11250/ISO 5718-2
  • Excellent corrosive protection

Original Rasspe Spring Tines


Advantages of Rasspe Quality Spring Tines

  • Exclusive use of wire made in a patented draw process
  • Huge production program, covering tedders, pick-ups, rakes etc.
  • Clean and bright looking surfaces due to quality paint or powder coat


Advantages of the RASSPE quality sections

Advantages of the RASSPE quality sections

  • Using the special material and the induction heating process guarantees durable sharp cutting edges and also prevent the breakage around the section fastening holes.
  • Extremely break resitant
  • Various serrations available (top- under ,fine,coarse)
  • Optimal corrosion protection


Original Rasspe Forged Guards


Advantages of RASSPE Quality Forged Guards

  • Made from top grade forging steel
  • Precise processing of the forged blank  in best fit and cut
  • Precise hardening process under the permanent control
  • Long lasting cutting edge combines with break and bend resistance


Original Rasspe Straw Chopper Knives. RADURA® STRAW


Advantages of the RASSPE Quality straw chopper knives

  • Best chop quality during the knife\' term use
  • Extreme long life, 3 to 4 times of the premium version
  • Tight weight tolerances, smooth running chopper
  • Time and cost saving due to longer service life and fewer changes of knives


This is not a full list of Rasspe production. For more information contact us by e-mail or call to our office.